Roger’s favorite place to imagine and create is his shop, twenty-nine steps from the back door of his home. Air conditioned and heated, and about 32’ x 20’ in size, it is a charming and comfortable place to work. Handwork, assembly, and finishing are the focus of shop work centered around an 18th century Roubo inspired massive self-made pecan workbench, an 18th century Moravian inspired small self-made collapsible and portable maple and sycamore auxiliary workbench, a massive Moxon oak vise reserved primarily for sawing and chisel work, and a 4' x 8' assembly table filled with drawers.

My woodshop is a fascinating and comfortable place for me to imagine, design, plan, and craft beautiful and functional art. There, I find great fulfillment and joy.”
— Roger Ellison


If work requires machinery or electric tools, most of that is done in Roger’s massive 48’ x 32’ barn with high ceilings. There’s an air compressor room, a bathroom, lots of floor space for machinery and storage. There’s also a small gallery where completed projects are stored or displayed, including those of his grandchildren, and favored art is hung. Three huge doors provide ample openness and light as do 48’ of skylights along the north wall. Not all of the barn is reserved for woodworking; there are bicycles and kayaks hanging from the ceiling and a 1931 Model A Ford is parked nearby, but most of it indicates a woodworker is close by.


Intentional in the design of the barn was a 16’ x 16’ porch where machinery could be simply wheeled out when gosh-awful messes were the order of the day. The porch provides shade, reasonable protection from rain, lots of open air, and often views of gorgeous sunsets. An air hose or leaf blower is always a part of cleanup.

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