Meet Roger Ellison

Roger Ellison is a maker of fine heirloom furniture whose passion for creating in wood began in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Born and raised in that Far West Texas desert town, as a very young boy he began to turn lumber scraps into boats with a hand saw, hammer, chisel, and brace and bit. Formal training began in junior high and continued through high school under the tutelage of two inspirational Sierra Blanca School shop teachers – Clifton Moss and Joe Neel - who focused on fundamentals, emphasized beauty and character of wood, and encouraged creativity. Over the years, self-study and practical application were the most effective tutors, but along the way, formal sessions with Graham Blackburn, Paul Sellers, and Darrell Peart wetted his appetite to learn more.

In 2013, he spent 3 months in a furniture intensive at the internationally recognized Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. The school’s philosophy is to teach to the highest levels of craftsmanship; the superb instruction, and practical and artistic application, provided one of the great experiences of his life. In 2017 he returned for another month of learning with aspirations of further study in the future. The direct influence of Aaron Fedarko, Mason McBrien, Austin Matheson, Adrian Ferrazutti, Brian Reid, Tim Rousseau, Tom Hucker, Seth Rolland, Peter Korn, and Yuri Kobayashi is inestimable; the opportunity to rub elbows, chat with, or simply breathe the same air as these and other greats was almost magical.

Roger is part artist and part craftsman. His attention to detail makes his creations the focal point. — Kent

When our family bought a piece of property near downtown San Angelo, Roger harvested wood from a huge old mesquite tree that eventually resulted in beautiful thick marbled planks. Several years later, after Roger had given that wood time to properly dry, I asked him about building a sofa table, using one of those special mesquite planks as the top. We looked through his stock and upon his recommendation (after all - what did I know?), chose a large heavy elongated board. This free form top on a unique base with Texas ebony accents started us on an intense appreciation for Roger's piranha attention to detail and love for his craft. — Kay

Roger is the master of "repurpose". From untamed mesquite to a functional masterpiece, his artistry and workmanship are unrivaled. His creations complete our home. — Bill

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