Center for Essential Education, School of Woodworking near Waco, Texas - teaching the art of woodworking with hand tools

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine - Education for people who want to design and build functional, beautiful, expressive furniture out of wood to the highest standard of craftsmanship

Fine Woodworking - America's first magazine devoted to woodworking, the most useful tool in your woodshop

Jesada Router Bits - premium quality router bits and much more

Jointech - ultra precision woodworking systems

Laguna Tools - innovative machines and accessories for the serious woodworker

Lee Valley and Veritas - fine woodworking tools and hardware.

Leigh - innovative, versatile and quality joinery jigs

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - makers of woodworking handtools of superior quality and craftsmanship

Oneida Air Systems - dust collections systems and free system design

Performax - drum sanders

Porter-Cable - tools and accessories

Ridge Carbide Tool Corp - the industry leader for carbide saw blades, custom made router bits, and shaper cutters and perhaps the only sharpening service for spiral cut carbide bits

System Three Resins - highest quality epoxies

Texas Mesquite Association

Timber Wolf - (Suffolk Machinery Corp) - state of the art band saw blades

Tried and True Finishes - premium quality interior finishing products made from polymerized linseed oil

West Texas Woodworkers - San Angelo, Texas area woodworkers club

Woodcraft - comprehensive retail selection of woodworking tools, equipment and supplies

Woodhaven - fine woodworking tools and accessories manufactured and sold

Woodworker's Supply - many of the things woodworkers need or want

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