Traditionals is custom designed and built fine furniture, made one at a time by hand using traditional techniques such as dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery. Most of Roger's work is by commission, though he often creates speculative projects to test new ideas and expand his horizons, or just for the fun of it.

His work is usually seen at:

The Stribling Art Extravaganza is typically held in San Angelo during mid February to early April as a benefit for the The West Texas Rehabilitation Center The "Stribling" showcases the diverse skills and imagination of Concho Valley artists and artisans in various media.

Texas Mesquite Arts Festival Fredericksburg (October 8-10, 2010) and San Angelo (April 16-18, 2010), is the largest mesquite show in the world. See the article in Images of San Angelo, Texas for insights into Roger's role in this festival, his work and perspectives on mesquite.

Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, a formal gallery show from late November to early January. In 2001 he was awarded 3rd place.

Roger works with a variety of woods, but prefers native Texas woods and highly figured hardwoods. Mesquite, the most beautiful of these because of its rich and varied coloration, is his favorite. It is hard and stable, with grain ranging from straight to exotic, and often marked by exquisite swirls and character lines. Comfort with mesquite requires embracing variations on the rules of wood choice and design. Some wood appears to be perfect, though it is seldom so, while other pieces clearly show the scars of life. An excellent choice for heirloom pieces, mesquite is especially expressive of Texas traditions.

Roger is a part-time artisan in wood who completes from 6 to 12 major projects a year; he has a considerable waiting list. To discuss a potential project or design, or to schedule your own Traditionals, contact Roger at 325-651-8831.

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